If you still have a question concerning tattooing or piercing after perusing this FAQ, then please feel free to contact us!


1. What are your business hours?
We are open 2 pm - 9 pm Monday through Saturday for walk-ins and appointments. We do offer special appointments on request. So if you are not available to come in at our normal business hours, let us know and we can set something up for you.


2. I am not 18. Can I sign for myself or can my sister who's 18 sign for me?
NO. You need to be at least 18 years old with photo ID to sign for yourself. PA state law prohibits tattooing a minor without parental consent.


3. Do tattoos and piercing's hurt?
Depends on where on your body you get it and who you ask, but for the most part, yes.


4. Can I get it numbed with anything?
No. Don't fret. Pain is temporary.


5. Do you have aftercare instructions?
Yes. We have aftercare instructions for tattoos and for piercings.


6. Does drinking before getting tattooed or pierced make you bleed more?
Sometimes... Drinking heavily the day before can thin your blood. A few drinks will not. Do not come in drunk expecting to get tattooed. We will not tattoo you if you are visibly intoxicated.


7. Do you guys do cover up tattoos?
YES. That is one of our specialties! The best thing to do is stop down and let one of our artists look at what you have to work with.


8. How much do tattoos cost?
Each tattoo has its own price depending on the size, detail, color, and where you want it on your body. Our shop minimum is $50.00 and that is for the smallest tattoo, using brand new needles and supplies for you.


9. Are payments cash up front, or can you use a credit card or personal check?
Payment Is Cash, Credit or Debit Card (must be Visa or Mastercard), we also have an ATM on premises. Travelers Checks, Money Orders and Gift Certificates (from Paradise Lost) are also accepted. Personal or Business checks are NOT accepted.


10. Are you guys sterile with your needles and stuff?
Yes. We have an autoclave in the shop, and that is the only form of sterilization that is 100% effective. We use brand new needles for each customer and they are disposed of after each use.


11. My girlfriend and I want to get tattooed. Can you use the same needle for both of us to save money?
NO. Quality and cleanliness comes with its own price.


12. Can I bring my own design in to get tattooed on me?
Yes. We can customize any design you have just for you. If you bring in a album cover or a design your friend drew for you, that's cool.


13. My friend said that I can go blind if I get my eyebrow pierced wrong. Is this true?
No. If piercing's are done wrong they could leave a nasty scar or could lead to infection, but you can't go blind from an eyebrow piercing. You also can't lose your taste from a tongue piercing, your sense of smell from a nose ring, etc. There are all just myths!


14. Why are places cheaper for piercing's and tattoos?
Because they suck! You will always find somewhere cheaper, but you get what you pay for! Don't trust shore tattoo shops, hair or nail salons, or trailer park hackers. Look at the people's work that they've done and let that speak for itself. You're going to have that tattoo for the rest of your life. Spending a little more the first time is always better than spending a lot more to get it covered or reworked.


15. Did you guys really tattoo and pierce those celebrities?


16. Do you guys offer tattoo and piercing apprenticeships?
Yes. Contact us or come in and speak to Chris.


17. I have a little bump near my navel piercing. What is that?
It's called a keloid. Different piercing artists will say that they happen for different reasons. Best thing to do is keep cleaning it and DO NOT pick at it! It will go away.


18. Do you use piercing guns?
No. Piercing guns are very VERY dangerous! We only use a hollow core needle for every piercing we do. Most people that think they are saving a few bucks by going to the mall and getting their cartilage done there, usually end up unhappy. (Ask people that have it done, how that huge bump on the back feels). It rarely turns out nice and rarely heals properly. Trust us, we have seen this a million times! Get it done right the first time and you wont regret it.


19. Can I trade you guys a bag of crack for tattoos and piercing's?
No you can't, loser.


20. I am under 18 , Can my parent send a note giving permission for me to get tattooed or pierced?
No. Your parent must be present during the procedure. We also have your parent fill out and sign our consent form so they need to bring photo IDs for both you and them. For example: Bring a school ID (Name and Photo) and Birth certificate for you , and your parent brings their Driver's License, state issued ID, Military ID or Passport.